Tariffs and GCU (General Conditions of Use)

Tariffs for 118 712

Price of a call 118 712: service €3 + the price of the call

From a fixed or mobile line in Metropolitan France

Tariffs inc. taxes per operator Per call Per minute before and after connection (2)
Fixed and mobile operators €3.00 €0

From a fixed Orange line in Overseas France

Tariffs inc. taxes per localisation Per call After being connected
Martinique, Guadeloupe, Réunion €2.71 €0
Guyana, Mayotte, St Martin, St Barthélémy €2.50 €0
St-Pierre-et-Miquelon €2.50 €0

From a mobile (1) in Overseas France

Tariffs inc. taxes per operator Per call Per minute before and after being connected Connection option Sending of an SMS (included)
Orange Réunion €2.71 €0 Yes to local (3) Yes
Orange to Mayotte €2.50 €0 Yes to local Yes
Orange Caribbean €2.71 €0 Yes to local, metropolitan and Special Nºs Yes
Overseas Telecoms Réunion Caribbean €2.71 €0 No No
Overseas Telecoms Guyana Mayotte €2.50 €0 No No

Roaming calls, from the mobile of an Orange France customer: €3.00 per call (before and after connection) apart from the cost of a mobile call from abroad.

For customers of a foreign mobile operator roaming on a French mobile network: please see the costs applied by the operator of origin.

Access to the 118 712 service via the web is free-of- charge.

Viewing of the www.118712.fr site is free-of-charge (apart from the cost of connection by your fixed or mobile line operator). 

General Terms of Use of 118 712

These General Terms of Use have the objective of defining the usage modes of telephonic information services offered by Orange, hereinafter called “the Services”. Use of the Services implies acceptance of these General Conditions of Use. By gaining access to the Services, the caller accepts the revocation of his right to cancellation of these Services in compliance with the content of paragraph L.121-20-2 of the Consumer Code.

Orange reserves the right to make alterations to these General Conditions of Use without prior notice.

Access to Services

The conditions of access (list of operators and national territory covered) to the various Services are available on the website, www.118712.fr.

Description of Services

Orange via the number 118 712  (Service €3.00 + price of the call) offers a national and international information service. Details on those services offered by this service and the list of operators and the national territory covered is available on the website www.118712.fr.

This service is provided in French and is accessible 24/7.

By calling this service, the Caller consents to receiving the contact details of the searched-for person and accepts the disclosure of his telephone number.

The national telephone information Service: The national telephone information Service allows for searches for details, such as those of professionals:

Several requests for information can be made per call (the number of requests depending on the Service in use) with a limit of 30 minutes’ communication, apart from communicating with the searched-for person resulting from a connection. After this time, an end will be put to the telephone communication.

For a request per trade and when the list contains several possible answers, the first among them will be provided, the Caller being able to request communication with another or several according to the Service.

According to the information available on the Orange database service, the Caller will receive the contact details of the individual or the professional (name, address, telephone number(s)) and, according to the Service in use, additional information (email, opening hours, etc.) and services, such as, in particular, the Caller being connected with the searched-for person, the sending by SMS to the Caller’s mobile with the searched-for person’s contact details and potentially information of an advertising nature (at the end of the SMS).

The international telephone information service: The international telephone information service in particular allows searches for telephone numbers, fax numbers, addresses of subscribers abroad.


Access to the Services is a premium service for the Caller. Tariffs are shown on the website www.118712.fr.

Information and complaints

All requests for information and/or complaints relating to the application of these General Conditions of Use may be addressed to:

0 800 119 712 Service et appel gratuits

Orange - Customer Services 118712
95, rue Bobillot
75013 PARIS


Liability by Orange is limited to the making available of the information contained in the Services. Orange is not liable for faults in its Services due to interruptions to the telephone network by acts of other electronic communications operators, in the event of force majeure, events outside Orange’s control, potential breakdowns or maintenance works required to assure the proper functioning of the Services.

Finally, Orange declines all responsibility concerning unintended errors or omissions that could involve the Services, except in the case of a grave fault on its part. Under no circumstances may Orange be held responsible for indirect damage, particularly such as any commercial prejudice, loss of customers, commercial disruption, loss of profits or harm to the brand’s image .

The Caller is solely responsible for the requests they formulate and use that they make of the results obtained. It is a matter for the Caller to make use of it in compliance with those laws in effect .

Intellectual property

The sending of contact details implies no transfer of property. The Caller acknowledges that the use he is granted to maps, if applicable, distinctive signs, brands, logos, denoting the Services, and more generally any element of intellectual or industrial property sent during use of the Services, does not confer upon him any property rights and under no circumstances any usage other than that expressly linked to the Services.

Personal data

Pursuant to the Computing and Liberties Law of 6 January 1978, the Caller is to benefit from a right of access and rectification of data received in the context of those Services applying to him. The Caller may exercise this right, by writing to those addresses specified under the heading “Information and Complaints” of the General Conditions.

If the Caller does not wish to receive information of an advertising nature (at the end of the SMS), he should send “STOP PUB” to 38712 for Bouygues and Orange customers and to 10124 for SFR customers (price of an SMS).

Data present in the information database of Orange comes in part from different operators allocating telephone numbers to their subscribers or users. Right of access regarding such data is to be exercised in relation to the operators.

Applicable law

In the event of disputes over the application or interpretation of these General Conditions, only the Paris Court shall have competence.

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