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Free reverse directory: find out who owns this number

Thanks to the 118 712 directory search by phone, you can find out for free who has tried to contact you in your absence.

Enter the phone number (landline or mobile) in the search field and you will obtain the surname, first name and the address of the person who called you.

Reverse search for a mobile phone number

With the 118 712 directory reverse search, you can find out the owner of a mobile phone number, subject to it being listed in the universal directory.

If your correspondent is not in the telephone directory, we can provide you with general information on the owner of the mobile number (name of the operator, number of searches carried out over the last 30 days).

Why can't I find the owner of a number?

Red listed numbers (which is the case for many mobile numbers) are not recognised by the 118 712 directory. We respect above all the choice of subscribers not to appear in the French directory services.

We can however provide you with information such as the name of the operator, the number of searches made on this number over the last 30 days and the geographical origin of the call.

Orange safeguards your personal data

Details appearing on 118712.fr are provided by telephone service providers in strict observance of the regulatory framework.

118 712 shall never use this data for the purposes of prospecting or marketing and prohibits such usage.

To update or delete this data across all directories,
we recommend that you contact your telephone service provider.

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